Agriculture Journal: Volume-1, Issue-4, August, 2015

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1. Growth Assessment of Microorganisms in Vermicomposting of Municipal Wastes Materials in Different Days
Sriramulu Ananthakrishnasamy, Govindarajan Gunasekaran
2. Evaluation of Hybrids for Milling and Eating Quality Traits Under Varying Environments in Rice
Tejbir Singh
3. Soil Population Density, Kernel Infection and Aflatoxin Contamination in Groundnut - A Survey of North Gujarat
Nakrani B. R., D. B. Patel, Sharmila Gadhavi
4. Effect of Replacement of Cement by Different Pozzolanic Materials on Heat of Hydration and Setting Time of Concrete
Mallikarjun Ganjigatti, Kashinath B. R., K. B. Prakash