Agriculture Journal: Volume-2, Issue-8, August, 2016

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1. hMSH2 Gly322Asp (rs4987188) Single nucleotide polymorphism and the risk of breast cancer in the Polish women
Hanna Romanowicz, Jan Bieńkiewicz, Marek Zadrożny, Tomasz Szaflik, Beata Smolarz
2. PVA-based electrospun nanofiber mats of potential use in active packaging
M. Félix, C. Jiménez, A. Romero, A. Guerrero
3. Cotton Sown in Different Row Distances after Wheat Harvest: Seed Cotton Yield and Yield Components
Fatih KILLI, Muzaffer ÖZDEMİR, Fatih TEKELİ
4. A linear programming model to optimize cropping pattern in small-scale irrigation schemes: an application to Mekabo Scheme in Tigray, Ethiopia
Jalal Jebelli, Brent Paterson, Abdelrazik Abdelwahab
5. Evaluation of various Synthetic Insecticides against Thrips (Thrips tabaci) in Bt Cotton
Rita sharma, Leena sharan
6. Sulfentrazone and Flumetsulam herbicides caused DNA damage and Instability in Allium cepa test
Maruhen Amir Datsch Silveira, Diego Luis Ribeiro, João Paulo de Castro Marcondes, Luciana Paula Grégio d'Arce
7. Chemical and spectroscopy of peat from West and Central Kalimantan, Indonesia in relation to peat properties
Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami, Denah Suswati
8. Autochthonous yeasts: Role in vinification and aging of Cabernet-Sauvignon
Archana K M, Ravi R, Anu Appaiah K A
9. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to estimate soil attributes of Brazilian wetlands
Marcelo Luiz Chicati, Marcos Rafael Nanni, Everson Cézar, Roney Berti de Oliveira, Mônica Sacioto Chicati
10. Effect of Gonadotrophin (Diclair®) on Semen Characteristics, Body Conformation and Hormonal Profile of Mature Male Turkeys
11. Effect of Gonadotrophin (Pergonal®) on Haematological and Serum Biochemical Parameters of Mature Ouda Rams Treated for Sperm Production
EGU U.N., J.C. Okonkwo
12. Green Computing: A New Vision to Computer Technology
Dr. Swaleha Zubair
13. Resistance of some olive (Olea europaea) cultivars and hybrids to leaf spot disease analyzed by microsatellites
Fethi Ouerghi, Mehdi Fendri, Jihène Dridi, Hedia Hannachi, Neila Rassa, Ali Rhouma, Bouzid Nasraoui
14. Marketing of Poultry and Poultry Products in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Ahaotu, E.O, Anietie, E. M, Iwunze, F.C, Ihenacho, R.A
15. Egg quality characteristics and phenotypic correlations among egg quality traits in the naked neck, normal and dwarf strains of Tswana chickens raised under intensive management system
Kgwatalala P.M., Molapisi M., Thutwa K., Sekgopi B., Selemoge T.P., Nsoso S.J.
16. Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus amendment on the yield of a Chlorella sp. strain isolated off the Lebanese coast.
Hamati Samia, Abdel-Kader Ouaiss, Babikian Jessica, Jawhari Maan, Ioannis Tzovenis, Youssef Mouneimne, Economou-Amilli Athena, Abou-Jawdah Yusuf
17. Experimental Research on Primary Wave Height Generated by Integral Landslide in Channel Type Reservoir
Ke Jin, Hui Peng, Chen Wen, Fan Wu, Shaofei Yin