Agriculture Journal: Volume-1, Issue-8, December, 2015

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1. Combining ability analysis and nature of gene action for grain yield in Maize hybrids
Anupam Barh, N.K Singh, S. S Verma, J.P Jaiswal and P.S Shukla
2. Structural diversity and nutrient recycling potentials of three selected agroforestry homegardens in southern Kerala
Sheeba Rebecca Isaac
3. Exploration of plant biodiversity for nutrient harvesting
Moossa,P.P.*, Thulasi V., Raji.P., and Prajesh .M.T.
4. The Interaction of Fertilizer Levels and Weeding Frequency on Growth and Yield of Roselle
Ibrahim Dauda Bake
5. Effects of LED light spectra on active oxygen metabolism and expression of antioxidant isozymes in Houttuynia cordata Thunb. seedlings
ZhaoQing Wang, JingYun Tian, Liyan Yang