Agriculture Journal: Volume-1, Issue-3, July, 2015

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1. On farm assessment of short duration rice variety Sahabhagidhan
T. K . Samant, B. Mohanty, B. C. Dhir
2. Cost and Return Analysis of Local Chicken Marketing in Mubi North Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria
Jimjel. Zalkuwi, Udhav Prasad Singh, Amita Maurya, Asabe Ibrahim
3. First record of two spotted stink bug, Perillus bioculatus (Fab.) from Meerut (U.P.) North India
C.S. Prasad, Rishi Pal
4. The effects of rural labour migration process on occupational distribution, family facilities and livelihoods
Saha Akash and Adhikary M M
5. Assessment and Refinement of Hybrid Rice Seed Production Technology in Farmers Fields
Kanaka Durga1 K and R Ankaiah