Agriculture Journal: Volume-1, Issue-7, November, 2015

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1. The Influence Of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Consumers' Preference on Fish Purchase In Yola North Local Government Area, Adamawa State
Moses. J.D, Daniel. A.Dwana, Dr. Giroh.D.Y, Zalkuwi Jimjel, Akindele Oluwaseun
2. Mycorrhizal diversity and root colonization potential of agricultural soils – Doukkala, Morocco
Boudarga Khadija, Kandil Mostafa, Dalpé Yolande
3. Herbicidal Activity of Imazapic (262.5 G / L) Associated With Imazapyr (87.5 G / L) on Sugar Cane Weeds and Its Effects on Soil Agrochemical Properties, in Burkina Faso.
Kambou G, Kambire S H
4. Detection of Slime-Producing Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from Food and their Sensitivity against Mulinum echegarayii and Azorella trifurcata Extracts
D. R. Echenique, C. M. Mattana, L. E. Alcaráz, A. L. Laciar, S. E. Satorres
5. Dust career impacts on Pinus halepensis growth
Ennajah A, Say Kachout S, El Aloui M, Laamouri A, Nasr Zouhaier
6. Impact of crop rotation on mycorrhizal fungi in irrigated soils of the Doukkala (Morocco)
Boudarga Khadija, Dalpé Yolande, Beryouni Khadija, Saber Najib, Kandil Mostafa