Agriculture Journal: Volume-2, Issue-11, November, 2016

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1. Determinants of Cocoa Farmer's Participation in the Innovation Platform of the Humidtropics Programme in Southwestern Nigeria
Akinmusola O., K. O. Soyebo, A. J. Farinde, B. J. Amujoyegbe, L. Idirissou, H. I. Gayya, O. Fatunbi, R. Y. Ilesanmi
2. Chemical analysis of agro-pollutant coir pith- a byproduct of coir industry
P. R. Nandhini, G. Kalaiselvi, N. Saravanan, N. G. Ramesh babu
3. Diagnostic Techniques for porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV-2) by Optical and Transmission Electron Microscopy
Martins A.M.C.R.P.F., Catroxo M.H.B., Bersano J.G., Ogata R.
4. Evaluation of Genotype x Environment Interaction on Morphological Characteristics of Eight Selected Labisia pumila var. alata Clones (Kacip Fatimah) by Francis and Kannenbergs Method
Norhayati, S., Farah Fazwa, M.D., Mohamad, O., Syafiqah Nabilah, S.B., Shamsiah A.
5. Territorial Potential as A Factor of Development: A Model for the Management of the Rural Milieu in Mexico
Javier Delgadillo-Macias, Jimena Vianey Jee Cortes
6. Quality of milk protein in dairy farms from Southeastern region of Brazil
Luiz Carlos Roma Junior, Flavia Fernanda Simili, Claudia Cristina Paro Paz, Marcia Saladini Vieira Salles, Ana Carolina Siqueira Gonçalves, Paulo Fernando Machado
7. Dielectric Measurement of Euglena gracilis as a Multi-parametric Approach for Non-invasive Biomonitoring of Aquatic Environment
Chen Lin, Ma Qing, Toshinobu Suzaki
8. Nutritional Security and Improvement of Yield through Mechanized Cultivation of Mungbean
Kbd. Mosaref Hossain, Md. Adil, Imtiaz Ahmed, Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty
9. Trypanosome parasites and its diverse hosts: A Review
Sylvia Ortiz, Aldo Solari
10. Genomic identification of rhizobia-related strains and threshold of ANI and core-genome for family, genus and species
Qian Wang, Wentao Zhu, Entao Wang, Linshuang Zhang, Xiangyang Li, Gejiao Wang
11. Occurrence of Albino Gazella bennetti in Viratra mata Oran (Sacred land) of Chohtan, Barmer (Thar Desert of Rajasthan) India
Khagendra Kumar, Vishu Vaishnav, Aazad Prakash Ojha, Pradeep Parihar, Ronak Barmera, Dr. G R Parihar
12. What we know currently about the Metalloproteins in the protozoa Tetrahymena pyriformis and thermophila.
Christos T. Chasapis, Maria Stefanidou
13. Impact of Bio-fertilizer with NP Application on yield and yield components of wheat variety Tijaban-10
Amanullah, Jahangir Khan, Muhammad Yaqoob, Noor Samad Naseer, Nadeem Sadiq, Muhammad Iqbal Jakhro, Ghulam Ali Bugti
14. In vitro root induction and growth of Lens esculenta and Physalis ixocarpa shoot explants by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
M.V. Hernández-Pimentel, N.B. Medina-Jaritz, A. Rodríguez-Dorantes
15. Bioremediation Through The Use of Indigenous Natural Resources vis-a-vis Its Impact on Morphology, Metabolism, Yield, Soil Health and Soil Biodiversity of Paddy Field Under Fluoride Toxicity
Anindita Maitra, Jayanta Kumar Datta, Naba Kumar Mondal
16. Microbiological and Physicochemical Assessment of Poultry Soil Samples in Akure Metropolis, Nigeria
Omoya, FunmilolaOluyemi