Agriculture Journal: Volume-2, Issue-10, October, 2016

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1. Interception of Photosynthetically Active Radiation on Cocoa Plantations in Mexico
Rutilo López-López, Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante, Mario Rodríguez-Cuevas, Marco Antonio Ibarra Inzunza, José Alfredo Jiménez-Chong
2. Host resistance breeding against the virus diseases of soybean in Nepal
Rajendra Darai, DB Gharti, Subash Subedi
3. Control of Mites and Thrips and its Impact on the Yield of Avocado cv. "Hass" in Filo de Caballos, Guerrero, Mexico
Domingo Cantú-Díaz, Elías Hernandez-Castro, Agustín Damián-Nava, Héctor Sotelo-Nava, Gabriel Otero-Colina, Francisco Palemon-Alberto, Oscar Gabriel Villegas-Torres, Araceli Chino-Cantor
4. Resistance of corn inbred lines to foliar diseases in two planting dates
Belisa Cristina Saito, Leonardo Queiroz Silva, João Antonio da Costa Andrade, Major M Goodman
5. Mineral balance and absorption from soil of Pennisetum sp at different stages
Mendoza-Grimón, V, J.R. Fernández-Vera, J.M. Hernández-Moreno, M.P. Palacios-Díaz
6. Using next generation sequencing to describe epiphytic microbiota associated with organic and conventionally managed apples
Andrea Ottesen, Demetra Skaltsas, James Robert White, Sasha Gorham, Padmini Ramachandran, Eric Brown, Michael Newell, Christopher Walsh
7. Cluster Analysis of Aerobic Heterotrophic Bacteria from Clarias gariepinus and Tilapia zillii in Unwana River, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Uzoeto Henrietta, Ayogu Thomas, Iroha Ifeanyichukwu, Nwakaeze Emmanuel, Ejikeugwu Chika
8. Global custom-tailored machine learning of soil water content for locale specific irrigation modeling with high accuracy
Aadith Moorthy
9. Hydrological responses to forest cover change in mountains under projected climate conditions
Grzegorz Durło, Krystyna Jagiełło-Leńczuk, Stanisław Małek, Jacek Banach, Katarzyna Dudek, Mariusz Kormanek
10. The effects of cadmium and cow manure on nodulation and growth attributes of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
M. Iranpour a, A. Lakzian, M. Zarenia
11. Prevalence of pathogens and microbiological quality of milk marketed in the region of the Recôncavo da Bahia, Brazil
Monique Lima dos Santos, Ludmilla Santana Soares Barros, Isabella de Matos Mendes da Silva, Marcos Vinicius Andrade e Danuza das Virgens Lima
12. Essential oil of Baccharis as a sustainable alternative for small farmers in South America
Altemir J. Mossi, Franciele Rambo Lauxen, Rogerio L. Cansian, Natalia Paroul, Camila Â. Zanella, Fernando Scarati Frandoloso, Marcio A. Mazutti, Helen Treichel
13. Metals accumulation and as releasing during interaction of clay and iron minerals with heterotrophic bacteria in soil and sediment bioleaching
Darina Štyriaková, Iveta Štyriaková, Jaroslav Šuba, Igor Štyriak
14. Production and characterization of fermented rice flour containing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
Divyashri G., Prapulla S.G.
15. MicroRNAs regulated cell differentiation in plants: Case Study
Bo Xiao, Wei Tang
16. Effect of fly ash on Crop Production around coal-fired thermal power plant in rural India
Subhas Adak, Kalyan Adhikari, Koushik Brahmachari
17. Allelochemicals of Neea theifera Oerst. (Nyctaginaceae) with phytotoxic potential on plant germination and growth
Valter Henrique Marinho dos Santos, Gustavo Franciscatti Mecina, Paulo César Ferreira, Anne Lígia Dokkedal, Luiz Leonado Saldanha, Gisele Pigatto, Luciana Pereira Silva, Regildo Márcio Gonçalves da Silva
18. Influenced of Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Tuberose by the Application of Bulb and Fertilizers
Mohammad Shahjahan, Abul Hasnat Muhammad Solaiman, Khairul Kabir, Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud, Shakil Arvin Zomo
19. The Link between the User´s Health and Deficiencies in the Physical Indoor Environment
Thomas Alsmo
20. Biochemical changes induced by Bioneem (0.03%) formulation in chick embryogenesis (Gallus domesticus)
P. V. Gado, S. G. Salokhe, S.G. Deshpande