Agriculture Journal: Volume-2, Issue-5, May, 2016

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1. Water Pollution and its Effect on Water Consumption in Akure
Imoukhuede O.B, Afuye, G.G.
2. The Link between Renewable Fuel Mandate and Natural Rubber Market in Malaysia: A Search for A Conceptual Framework
NurHazirahMdLudin, Shri Dewi Applanaidu, Hussin Abdullah
3. Acceleration of Lead Phytostabilization by Maize (Zea mays) in Association with Gliricidiasepium Biomass
Thushyanthy Yathavakulasingam, Thushyanthy Mikunthan, Meththika Vithanage
4. Dynamic of bruchid egg-laying in cowpea-based cropping systems: importance for determining an optimal release period of the oophagous parasitoid Uscana lariophaga Steffan (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
Kam K. W., Sanon A.
5. Analysis of Herbicide Atrazine and Its Degradation Products in Agricultural Soil by Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography‒Mass spectrometry
Xinfeng Dong, Shuxuan Liang, Hanwen Sun
6. Assessment of Zinc and Copper Status of Fadama Soils In Borgu Local Government Area, Niger State
Ogbenna, C.V., Balogun, A. M., Idris, M.
7. Analysis of Sustainablity patterns of stair stepped villages in northwest Iran Case study: Totakhaneh, the wonderful village
Mahboobe Neghabi, Ali Majnoony Tutakhaneh
8. Toxic Effect of Textile Mill Effluent on Cow Pea (Vigna unguiculata L.) Walp.
T. Ravi Mycin
9. Fruit Flavored Yoghurt: Chemical, Functional and Rheological Properties
Amal, A. Matter, Eman, A. M. Mahmoud, Nahla S. Zidan
10. Ecophysiological Yield Components In Wheat Cultivars Under Variable Phosphorus Availability
Laura Lázaro, Pablo E. Abbate, Silvia Benson
11. Exogenous application with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) or proline induces stress tolerance in basil plants (Ocimum basilicum L.) exposed to water stress
Agami R. A., R.A. Medani, I.A. Abd El-Mola, R.S. Taha
12. Impact of Agricultural Management on Quality of Soil, Carbon Storage and Carbon Stratification
Paulino VT, Teixeira EMC, Lucena MAC, Miguel ANV, Duarte KMR
13. Weekly and Monthly Groundwater Recharge Estimation in A Rural Piedmont Environment using the Water Table Fluctuation Method
Blarasin, M., F. Bécher Quinodóz, A. Cabrera, E. Matteoda, N. Alincastro, J. Giuliano Albo
14. EDTA-enhanced phytoextraction of Cd and Pb in spiked soil with Marigold and associated potential leaching risk
Syed Yakub Ali, Moumita Paul, ShibaniChaudhury
15. Influence of oil on the grain culture of S.cereale (L)
Kuzmin A., Bondareva L., Kalyakina O., Pakharkova N., Fedorova N., Rakitsky V.
16. Macrobenthic Invertebrate assemblage along gradients of the river Basantar (Jammu, J&K) in response to industrial wastewater
K. K. Sharma, Minakshi Saini
17. Nonautonomous Long Terminal Repeat Retrotransposons in Plants: Progress and Perspective
Yue Guo, Jing Liu, Jianchang Du
18. Identification of Ralstonia Solanacearum in Kyrgyzstan's Potato Fields and the Possibility of Using Biocontrol Agents Against this Pathogen
Tinatin Doolotkeldieva, Saykal Bobusheva
19. Effects of cytokinins and auxins on micropropagation of Musa spp. cv. Yangambi
Bikram Keshari, Bikram Pradhan, Dr. Bandita Deo.
20. Contribution to the Study of the Preservation by Drying of Mushrooms Pleurotus Ostreatus P969 Strain
Amina Ngabo, Pascal Nsambu, Karl Tshimenga, Christina Mputu Tshibadi, Jean-Noël Mputu Kanyinda
21. Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Penetration towards the Head of the Handölan Valley: Recent Reversal of Long-Term Retrogressional Trend –Contrasting Responses to Climate Change of Tree-and Forest Line.
Leif Kullman
22. Pen Farming in A Small River: Its Impact on Fish Production and Economic Condition of Pen Farmers
Alok Rajak, T. K. Ghosh, Bhanu Prakash Ch.
23. Copper Accumulation in Leucaena leucocephala by Mycorrhizae Glomus Sp. Zac–19 in Symbiosis with Rhizobium
Icela D. Barceló-Quintal, Abdul K. Gardezi, Víctor M. Cetina-Alcalá, Hugo E. Solís-Correa, Ulrico J. López-Chuken
24. Eucalypt as trap plant to capture associative fungi in soil samples from great depth
Maiele Cintra Santana, Arthur Prudêncio de Araujo Pereira, Victor Augusto Forti, Elke Jurandy Bran Nogueira Cardoso
25. Air Pollution in Industrial Area
Sr. K. Anthonanna, D. Sirisha, K. Radha
26. Changes in Aflatoxins Contents of the Maize (Zea Mays L.) Stored in Clay Granaries with use of Biopesticides from Rural Conditions and Estimation of their Intake
NIAMKETCHI Léonce, BIEGO Godi Henri, SIDIBE Daouda, COULIBALY Adama, KONAN N'guessan Ysidor, CHATIGRE Olivier
27. Antimicrobial efficiency of non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma processed water (PPW) against agricultural relevant bacteria suspensions
Uta Schnabel, Rijana Niquet, Christian Schmidt, Jörg Stachowiak, Oliver Schlüter, Mathias Andrasch, Jörg Ehlbeck
28. Determination of 8-Hydroxy-2 Deoxyguanosine in Pseudomonas Fluorescens Freeze-Dried Exposed to the ROS Using HPLC with Electrochemical Detection Method
Karl Tshimenga, Pascal Nsambu, Christina Mputu Tshibadi, Eddy Dibwe Finta, Jean-Noël Mputu Kanyinda