International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research
ISSN No. 2454-1850 | Impact Factor 6.39

Agriculture Journal: Volume-8, Issue-8, August, 2022

1. Dynamic Changes of Vitamin C in Actinidia deliciosa ‘Xuxiang’ During Fruit Development.
SEIDigital Identification Number: IJOEAR-AUG-2022-4
2. The Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhyza Inoculation and SP 36 Fertilizer on the Growth of Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.) SeedlingDxP PPKS 540 Variety Grown in Pre Nursery Phase
SEIDigital Identification Number: IJOEAR-AUG-2022-5
3. Adopting a Beneficial Carbon Farming in the Cropping Pattern using an Optimization Technique: A Case Study
SEIDigital Identification Number: IJOEAR-AUG-2022-8
4. Effect of Organic and Inorganic Source of Nutrients on Yield of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under Teak (Tectona grandis) Based Agroforestry System
SEIDigital Identification Number: IJOEAR-AUG-2022-10
5. Study of Agroforestry System and Socio Economic Status of Farmer in Leparada dist of Arunachal Pradesh
SEIDigital Identification Number: IJOEAR-AUG-2022-12