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1. Climate Risk Insurance for Resilience: A Systematic Review
Authors: Oladayo Nathaniel Awojobi

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-2

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-2
2. Kinetics and Mathematical Modeling of Microwave Drying of Sri Lankan Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)
Authors: B.M.W.P.K. Amarasinghe, A.J.M.L.M. Aberathna, K.K.P.P. Aberathna

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-3

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-3
3. What do we know about adaptation to climate change in Africa? A review of grey literature
Authors: Oladayo Nathaniel Awojobi

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-4

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-4
4. Effect of Nitrobenzene granules and Seaweed extracts on biochemical contents of Arachis hypogaea callus culture.
Authors: S.R. Sivakumar, A.Nagaraj

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-11

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-11
5. Process Optimization, Consumer Testing and Shelf-life: Determination of Canned "Halang-halang": A Filipino Traditional Food
Authors: Pet Anthony L. Pascual, Gladys L. Pascual

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-12

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-12
6. Photodynamic Effect. Experience of Application of Photosensibility Series for Monitoring Microbiological Water Pollution
Authors: Storozok, Nadezhda Mikhaylovna, Timokhina Tatyana Kharitonovna, Paromova Yana Igorevna, Voloshin Andrey Vitalevich

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-13

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-13
7. Screening of Maize Genotypes against Southern Leaf Blight (Bipolaris Maydis) during summer in Rampur, Chitwan
Authors: Prakriti Sharma, Sallu Nepal, Sareeta Paudel, Srijana Bhandari, Sujata K.C, Sundar Man Shrestha

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-14

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-14
8. Evaluation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) in Sediments and Aquatic macrophytes in the River Nun, AmasomaAxises, Niger Delta, Nigeria.
Authors: Alagoa, K.J, Godwin, J, Daworiye, P.S, Ipiteikumoh, B

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-FEB-2018-15

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-15
9. Poultry manure application and fallow improves peanut production in a sandy soil under continuous cultivation
Authors: James Aipa, Patrick S. Michael

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1188086

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-February-2018/IJOEAR-FEB-2018-8