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1. Soil Fertility Status of Some Villages in Chilika Block of North Eastern Ghat Agroclimatic Zone of Odisha
Sunita Rani Nayak, Subhashis Saren, Antaryami Mishra, Baman Prasad Acharya
2. Effect of Various Forms of Urea and GA3 on Floral Characters of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat)
Sharmila Bharathi, K.Sekar
3. Mango-lore of Bengal
Kalyan Chakraborti, Monanjali Bandyopadhyay
4. Production Economics of Mat-Sedges (Cyperus Tegetum Roxb.) Cultivation as Influnced by Water Management Practices for Economic Stability of Resource-Poor Rural People of West Bengal, India
K. Jana, S. K. Das, A. M. Puste
5. Age, Growth and Mortality of Tylochromis jentinki (Steindachner, 1895) in Ebrié Lagoon, Ivory Coast
Kouadio Justin Konan, Soumaïla Sylla, Marie Anne D'Almeida, Boua Célestin Atsé
6. Effect of Different Ph Regimes on the Growth and Micro-Sclerotial Formation on Phoma. Tropica
V. A. Patil, B.P. Mehta, J.B. Patel, S.S. Patil