Agriculture Journal: Volume-3, Issue-5, May, 2017

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1. Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.): Land use/land cover changes and community-based management in east Shoa zone, Ethiopia
Authors: Abule Ebro, Kahsay Berhe, Yasin Getahun, Zewdie Adane, Nigatu Alemayehu, YismaShawal Fayisa, Azage Tegegne

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-APR-2017-2

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-APR-2017-2
2. Improvement of Crop Production by Means of a Storage Effect
Authors: Gustáv Murín, Karol Mičieta

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-APR-2017-26

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-APR-2017-26
3. Temperature effect on seed germination of four plants in sand from coastal sand dunes in Greece
Authors: Aglaia Liopa-Tsakalidi, Pantelis E. Barouchas

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-APR-2017-31

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-APR-2017-31
4. E-screen assay validation: evaluation of estrogenic activity by MCF7 cell culture bioassay, in drinking water from different watersheds in state of São Paulo, Brazil
Authors: Ana Maria Cristina Rebello Pinto da Fonseca Martins, Marcio Hipólito, Erna Bach, Maria Lucia Zaidan Dagli, Josete Garcia Bersano, Luara Lucena Cassiano, Gentile, L.B, Cassiana Montagner Raimundo

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-APR-2017-32

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-APR-2017-32
5. Antifungal activity of lichen extracts and usnic acid for controlling the saprolegniasis
Authors: Shou-Yu Guo, Wen-Xia Liu, Liu-Fu Han, Jia-Zhang Chen

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-APR-2017-35

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-APR-2017-35
6. Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Dairy Technologies uptake
Authors: Yared Deribe, Agajie Tesfaye

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-MAY-2017-4

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-MAY-2017-4
7. Association of Hygiene Hypothesis with High prevalence of Allergy and Autoimmune Diseases: FMT industry
Authors: Peni K Samsuria Mutalib, Mirna Nurasri Praptini, Mutalib Abdullah, Meny Hartati

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-MAY-2017-5

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-MAY-2017-5
8. Scientific research contribution to fruticulture development
Authors: José Clélio de Andrade, Moacir Pasqual, Wilson Magela Gonçalves, Ângelo Albérico Alvarenga, Ester Alice Ferreira

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-MAY-2017-6

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-MAY-2017-6
9. Biotermiticides to Protect the Soil Health
Authors: K. J. Kamble, Thakor N. J.

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-MAY-2017-9

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-MAY-2017-9
10. Effect of Concentration of Silver Nanoparticles on the Uptake of Silver from Silver Nanoparticles in Soil
Authors: Sara Pappas, Uday Turaga, Naveen Kumar, Seshadri Ramkumar, Ronald J. Kendall

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-MAY-2017-12

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-May-2017/IJOEAR-MAY-2017-12