Agriculture Journal: Volume-3, Issue-10, October, 2017

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1. Detection of Parapoxvirus in goats during contagious ecthyma outbreak in Ceará State, Brazil by transmission electron microscopy techniques
Authors: Marcia Helena Braga Catroxo, Martins A.M.C.R.P.F., Souza F.

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-SEP-2017-13

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-SEP-2017-13
2. Influence of Plant Density and Mulching on Growth and Yield of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. romana L.)
Authors: Milena Yordanova, Asen Nikolov

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-1

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-1
3. Solar Irradiance Forecasting Using Intelligent Technology
Authors: Yi-Ju Chang, Ko-Ming Mu, Yih-Guang Leu, Li-Fen Chou

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-4

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-4
4. Productivity Assessment of Drought Tolerant Rice Cultivars under Different Crop Management Practices in Central Terai of Nepal
Authors: Bishal Dhakal, Samjhana Khanal, Lal Prasad Amgain

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-13

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-13
5. Biological properties of African swine fever virus Odintsovo 02/14 isolate and its genome analysis
Authors: Elsukova A.A., Shevchenko I.V., Varentsova A.A., Puzankova O.S., Zhukov I.Y., Pershin A.S., Remyga S.G., Zinyakov N.G., Mazloum A., Vlasov I.N., Igolkin A.S., Lozovoy D.A., Gruzdev K.N., Vlasova N.N.

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-15

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-15
6. The Role of Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes in the Development of Anthracnose Disease Caused by Colletotrichumtruncatum in the Chilli
Authors: Remli N.A.M., Shah U.K.M, Ariff A.B, MohdTermizi Yusof, Lim H.S

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-6

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-6
7. Wood density variation of different provenance for exotic loblolly pine in China
Authors: Xu –Youming, Lin-Han, Zhen-Hongpo, Liu-Jihong, Zhou-Caixia

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-18

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-18
8. Effects of Different Media on Micropropagation and Rooting of Myrtle (Myrtus communis L.) in In Vitro Conditions
Authors: Özhan Şimşek, Belgin Biçen, Dicle Dönmez, Yıldız Aka Kaçar

DOI of Agriculture JournalDOI: 10.25125/agriculture-journal-IJOEAR-OCT-2017-22

SEIDigital Identification Number: Paper-October-2017/IJOEAR-OCT-2017-22